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I know mother means well, but lately I've been doing some thinking, thanks to Cassie... I mean, it was really awful of my mother to tease my friends at my party last year. But she wants to keep me safe and happy, so... Well, it's complicated.”
Regina • Gothel

Billy's really sweet! I wish we'd met sooner, but if we hadn't met while everyone was singing, we might not have had the idea to start the music club up again. He has such a wonderful voice. Billy's a wonderful friend, but it's... It's different than Cassie or Amelia or Tsubaki. I don't really know how to explain it. I just know I like being with him.”
Billy • Harris

It can be a little tricky to tell where I stand with Cassie, we have very different social circles, but I know she cares about me a lot. I consider her to be my best friend. She's always so affectionate, it's very cute.”
Cassie • Ainsworth

Amelia really is amazing! She has so much confidence! She's nice, too, so it's a wonderful combination. I love to talk to her and hear her enthusiasm for so many things. Oh! And it was really sweet of her to offer me advice on boys.”
Amelia • Kirkland

Wilbur is such a fun boy! He's a little cocky sometimes, but there's always a basis in truth to what he says. I think he's going to go on to make history some day.”
Wilbur • Robinson

Professor Iroh is my favorite professor. He's so gentle and calm, and always understanding. He's good to everyone, not just his students. I couldn't have asked for a better Head of House or a better person to teach my favorite subject!”
Professor • Iroh

Poor Kelly. We got into a bit of a fight, but then I realized how lonely and hurt she feels. She says she doesn't want me to worry about her, but I can't help it... I hope we get to talk again soon.”
Kelly • Sullivan

Tsubaki is so talented and good-hearted! I love that she's in charge of baking club, too.”
Tsubaki • Nakatsukasa

Roxas is a great person. Sometimes he's... Reserved, but when we talk it's always a fun time! And I love his dedication.”

Xion is such a sweet girl... But there's more than that. I really admire her. She's become so brave and confident lately, and I wish I could do more of the same.”
Xion • Tristesse

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